Moses Mukisa

Moses Mukisa is a certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer and Coach. He is passionate about leadership and lives by Bill Hybel’s mantra, “everyone wins when a leader gets better”.
He is the founder of Mo-Mentum Leadership Group Limited which equips leaders in business, government, and non-profits; helping them unlock their potential and get better. Moses has had leadership coaching and training engagements with notable organizations such as Enterprise Uganda, World Vision and CivSource Africa, among others. Moses is the founding leader of Worship Harvest; an influential church with thirteen campuses and more than one hundred Missional Communities. As team leader, he is responsible for more than 30 staff members and over 600 volunteers. Under Worship Harvest, he has championed initiatives like Harvest Academy, which is educating the next generation; Harvest Finance which is empowering businesses; and, Harvest Institute, which is raising servant
Moses is currently a board member for Worship Harvest Ministries, Harvest Finance, Harvest Academy, Dreamia Investments, Future Housing and Space, Cherish Uganda, Alpha Uganda, Charis Uganda; among others.
Moses has written seven books; including The Wealth Files, Called To Greatness and Commotion at the Gate, which have changed the mindsets and behavior of people from all walks of life. His bestseller, Straight Forward Financial Growth, has sold more than 3000 copies in one year and has become a movement of economic renewal through its “SFFG masterminds” and “SFFG workshops” in
and outside of Uganda. He has worked with organizations such as Uganda Development Bank, National Social Security Fund and Compassion Uganda as a financial literacy coach. Moses believes
that each of us has the power to makes changes in our lives, take control of our financial future and, with this positively transform the world.

Moses is a hobby musician who has written more than 40 recorded songs. He plays piano, bass, guitar and drums. He is a Formula 1 enthusiast who
supports Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes-AMG Petronas.
Moses has been married to Sarah for fifteen years and they have three remarkable children; Paula, Angela and Kirk-David.