Ben Mwine

Ben Mwine is a renowned and highly talented media consultant and guru 

with almost 2 decades experience in the Ugandan 

broadcast industry.

A creative individual with deep knowledge and experience in Business 

management, Sales and marketing, events management and 

organizational leadership, Ben has spent most of his career in the 

broadcast industry with a remarkable track record; his leadership has 

sparked impressive growth and turn around everywhere he has been 

and he is recognized for putting faith based radio on the mainstream 

map in Uganda as MD at Power FM as well as leading Sanyu FM and 

KFM into top ratings with a short turnaround time.

Ben has built a strong reputation for being a strategic thinker and 

leading exciting innovations in the media that have made him a highly 

sought after leader and marketing consultant working with and for 

some of the biggest brands in the Ugandan FMCG market. 

A principled leader with well known integrity, passion for innovation, 

and growth, Ben has consistently been rated as one of the most 

recognizable media managers in Uganda. 

As a manager, Ben is a 2-time top 100 midsized company Award winner,

and celebrated public speaker and event Host.

Ben holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. 

He is a former head 

of programming with Power FM, Sanyu FM and KFM, a sales manager 

with Coca cola Uganda, Managing director at Power FM and Celeste 

Media, and  General Manager at Kwese Free Sports. 

Ben is also an avid car and sports fan, regular tennis player, and one of 

the most loyal and vocal Liverpool fans in Uganda.

He’s married to Rachael Mwine and has two lovely sons, Jeremiah 8, and  Micah, 6.